Wednesday, 29 January 2014


Sometimes I wonder who created love. GOD??
But more often, I wonder who created the rules of love
Why do we think the love we have is true, but judge other’s love
Who set the rules saying we have to love our kind?
Why are eyebrows raised when we see a different love?
Why do people not accept the love for different color,
Love for different race, love for different religion?
I think it’s the same kind of love that you feel for your beloved
So how can you not understand that similar love of someone else?
Love is suppose to make us compassionate and understanding
But in this era, love is not about passion, it’s about competition
If you can’t encourage other’s love, at least don’t discourage it
Because that love is still precious to them
And even if they don’t deserve respect, their love does

Friday, 17 January 2014


Do you ever wonder what it is to love like Juliet?
Love like Juliet’s
Loving someone beyond comprehension
Forgetting herself when around him
Breaking all the rules just to be with him
Love like Juliet’s
Loving someone beyond existence
Giving up on life because death seems easier to embrace
Rather than living a life without him
Love like Juliet’s
Loving someone beyond death
Desperately seeking refuge in death
Hoping it would finally unite them
Love like Juliet’s
Love filled with pain and hardship
Yet so strong that she didn’t mind being a masochist 
A love story that she ultimately changed into a legend

Monday, 13 January 2014


If you were here
I would have asked you to stay
And to hold me in your arms
I am tired of running from myself
If you were here
I would have confided in you
And poured my heart out
I am tired of concealing my emotions
If you were here
I would have laid beside you
And let your calm face soothe my heart
And for once, be myself, the real me

Wednesday, 1 January 2014


Dear 2013,
You gifted me a package with all the emotions in it.
I experienced happiness and sorrows
I smiled and cried on various occasions
I have had opportunities, some I grasped
And some slipped away from me
I rejoiced on some of my decisions and
Regretted over others
 I met many people and some became friends
Some tired to pull me down
All in all, it was a year I will constantly remember
Like any of the gone years
But as you leave us all, I hope you made me a little wiser
And a little better human than I was when I welcomed you