Thursday, 28 November 2013


To me the most beautiful language is neither my national language nor the international language, it is the SIGN LANGUAGE. The beauty of this language is, it helps a person deprived of sound speak. No language on earth can do this but sign language. So hats off to whoever was smart and brave enough to first develop this language. Smart for obvious reasons and brave for not worrying or caring about what the people has to say to him/her…because in the society everything brilliant has to be criticized and beaten down at first by the rest of the world for being different.
But thanks to him/her for having the courage to create sign language and armouring all those special people with such strong weapon and giving them the opportunity to walk at par with the rest of the so called “normal” people. But to be really honest, they are way better human than we can ever be…they know they are different and has this enormous heart to live with this fact HAPPILY for the rest of their lives. They don’t complain about their shortcoming rather fight and sharpen rest of their remaining abilities. They are supposedly less capable than rest of us, but they never let that happen because their belief says something else…they believe that they are different…to be better and special.

I can never compare myself with such special people but I wanna be a part of their society. I wish to learn this language and communicate with those special set of people in a very beautiful and unique way using unspoken words. It’s an art and I know it takes a lot of hard work to master it yet I would love to give it a shot for nothing would make me more proud but me knowing this special language.


It is so easy to put blames on some one else and so frigging hard to see our own flaws. We human are so strange. We do a mistake and we know we did it wrong and yet with time we push it into someone else and make it completely their fault. Why? This is one reason why sometimes we don’t get our questions answered even when we try so hard and look really deep into our own heart…we don’t see the answers because we have placed the question in the wrong desk. I mean take some time to reflect on what I just said…am I not right? We see someone breaking our heart but it’s ok if we are also breaking someone else’s heart. We see someone speak to us rudely but we fail to take note of our misbehaviour with others. We see someone ignoring us but we dun care if we don’t respond to simple smile of someone.
How strange can we get? Human species is suppose to be the smartest of all but sometimes…no, most of the time I feel like we r the dumbest of all species. I know, even I fall under this species and to be honest I am not proud of it. I wish I could openly accept my flaws too…but it’s a shame I can’t do that, simply because I am too scared people will judge and I ll embarrass myself or something like this. So I guess even I don’t have the rights to say stuffs about people huh? But at least I realised it and I intend to change it…I am just taking one step at a time and this is my first step…ACCPTANCE.
I accept that I have an ego issue, I am short tempered, I can be selfish at times, I fail to understand people’s feelings and judge them wrongly but…I want to change all this. I want to be better person starting now.