Tuesday, 16 December 2014


Lately I have realized I have become ungrateful to life
I, like any other person, am upset about every tiny thing going wrong
Not realizing that I am so much at better position
And there are people who have a lot less but are a lot happier
They inspire me because they don’t complain of their shortcomings
Rather they are happy to be alive and are grateful to life
I feel embarrassed by the way I am unhappy when things don’t go my way
I have so much to be grateful about; I am perfectly healthy,
I am not mentally or physically challenged 
I have great friends and family and I am always surrounded by them
So why the constant frowns, angers, tears and complaints?
Why can’t we just be happy with being able to breathe?
Feel the wind through our hair and wish upon twinkling stars
Feel the warmth of the gleaming sun and chills of the falling rain
There are so many reasons to be grateful towards the life you have
Don’t you think so too? So be grateful, you will be a lot happier J